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Expressing" their views on PCI Express, IP and related trends.Scott Knowlton & Richard Solomon

NIST Validates Synopsys Cryptography IP Software Library

Chip designers can use Synopsys technology to accelerate CMVP and FIPS 140-2 certification for applications requiring high levels of security.

How Die-to-Die Connectivity Is Advancing High-Performance Computing

Engineers are now looking to different architectures featuring die-to-die connectivity to fuel innovation in the HPC industry

The Link Between Hyperscale Data Centers and Next-Generation Ethernet ...

In this blog we dive into the importance of long-reach connectivity in high-performance computing (HPC) systems-on-chip (SoCs), why it is critical to have working silicon in advanced FinFET ...

How AI Brings New Life to Low-Resolution Images

In this blog post, I’ll discuss how AI and deep learning can enhance vision applications through image quality improvement.

How PCI Express 6.0 Can Enhance Bandwidth-Hungry High-Performance Computing SoCs

What do genome sequencing, engineering modeling and simulation, and big data analytics have in common? They’re all bandwidth-hungry applications with complex data workloads.

Why It’s Critical to Design in Security Early to Protect Automotive Systems ...

Let’s take a look at key automotive areas that should be protected, why it’s important to keep security in mind starting early in the design cycle, and how you can protect the full car from bumper ...

Customer Spotlight: Tachyum's Universal Processor for Hyperscale Data Centers

As data center usage continues to skyrocket to support increased internet traffic, their impact on the planet’s energy usage will need to be mitigated before it all hits a wall. Tachyum, with ...

How to Achieve High Bandwidth and Low Latency Die-to-Die Connectivity

In this blog post, we’ll discuss how splitting SoCs into smaller dies for advanced packaging and using die-to-die interfaces to enable high bandwidth, low latency, and low power connectivity can ...

On the Move: MIPI IP Blog

Views and trends in mobile electronics connectivity related to MIPI IP.Hezi Saar