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Ethernet Time-Sensitive Networking Applications Beyond Automotive

January 23, 2019 - Attend this webinar to find out about the different capabilities of the TSN standards from basic priority-based IEEE 802.1Q to time-aware network development with the TSN standards.

StradVision Deep Learning Demo for Autonomous Driving at ARC Summit 2018

November 14, 2018 - StradVision has developed SVNet, a deep-learning-based object detection of 6 object classes, which is robust for bad lighting conditions, small objects, and up to 75% occlusion. StradVision’s SVNet...

Digital Signal Processing for Frequency-Modulated Continuous Wave RADARs

RADAR is an established technology, but interest has been stimulated recently by demands of driver assistance systems and emerging self-driving cars for applications including proximity warning, ...

Synopsys Enhances DesignWare Memory Test and Repair Solution for Embedded MRAM

October 30, 2018 - DesignWare STAR Memory System Maximizes Manufacturing Yield with New Algorithms to Mitigate Defects in Embedded MRAM-based Designs