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Aligning Automotive Safety Requirements Between IP and SoCs

November 18, 2019 - This white paper explains how automotive IP developers need to implement safety standards to make safety integration easier at the SoC level.

Best Practices for Traceability of Functional Safety Requirements In ...

August 20, 2019 - Automotive functional safety systems continue to incorporate complex features to meet wide range of consumer demands. Developing functional safety systems, including all the components such as the ...

Data Converters IP for Automotive SoCs

Meet automotive requirements by judicious partitioning of the functional safety requirements between the IP, such as data converters, and the SoC functional blocks that include the IP.

Developing High-Reliability Reprogrammable NVM IP for Automotive Applications

This paper helps IC designers make informed choices for their automotive designs, from developing the NVM IP in-house to selecting the optimal IP supplier.

Digital Signal Processing for Frequency-Modulated Continuous Wave RADARs

RADAR is an established technology, but interest has been stimulated recently by demands of driver assistance systems and emerging self-driving cars for applications including proximity warning, ...

Ethernet in the Connected World

This white paper outlines the latest networking trends across some of the key market sectors including automotive, the connected home and data centers, and explains how Ethernet is relevant to each.

Holistic Verification and Validation of Automotive IP for Functional Safety SoCs

May 29, 2020 - This white paper illustrates a holistic approach to verification and validation of automotive IP for functional safety products and how such a holistic approach eliminates costly iterations and ...

IP for Centralized ADAS Domain Controllers

This white paper describes the new ADAS SoC architecture which has transitioned from decentralized ECUs to centralized multi-domain controllers and explains the implementation of domain controllers...

Safety and Security from the Inside - a SoC's Perspective

This paper discusses the considerations for safety and security from the inside of the SoC, going over the role of the IP, subsystems, and overall design.

Safety in SoCs: Accelerate ISO 26262 Certification with Processor IP White Paper

This white paper outlines the key requirements for ISO 26262 certification and demonstrates how to accelerate the development of safety-critical IP and SoCs through the use of out-of-the-box ...