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Synopsys and jNet ThingX Optimize JavaCard OS for Synopsys' ARC SEM Security ...

May 02, 2017 - Combination of jNet ThingX JavaCard OS with Synopsys' Anti-Tamper ARC SEM Cores Eases Development of Common Criteria Certified SoCs

Synopsys Extends Portfolio of ASIL Ready ISO 26262 Certified DesignWare IP

April 25, 2017 - ASIL B and D Ready DesignWare IP Accelerates Functional Safety Assessments for Automotive SoCs

Synopsys Enhances ARC Data Fusion Subsystem with New Audio and ...

April 20, 2017 - DesignWare IP Subsystem Integrates New Audio/Voice/Speech and I3C Hardware and Software to Address Expanding Processing Requirements of Secure, Multi-Sensor SoCs

Synopsys Announces Industry's First ASIL D Ready Dual-Core Lockstep Processor...

March 07, 2017 - New ARC EM Safety Islands Simplify Development and Accelerate ISO 26262 Certification of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, Radar and Sensor Applications

Rambus Selects Synopsys' ARC EM Processors for Embedded Security Platform

February 02, 2017 - ARC EM Processors' Leading Performance Efficiency Delivers Area and Power Savings for IoT and Mobile Applications

Starblaze Achieves First-Pass Silicon Success for Storage SoC with Synopsys ...

January 26, 2017 - DesignWare ARC HS38 Dual-Core Processor, DDR4 and PCI Express 3.1 IP Enable Higher Performance and Lower Power for Starblaze's MB1000 Enterprise SSD Controller

Synopsys Introduces ARC Security Processors for Low-Power Embedded Applications

September 12, 2016 - DesignWare ARC SEM Security Processors with SecureShield Technology Protect Against Side-Channel Attacks, IP Theft and Data Breaches

Gridbee Achieves First-Pass Silicon Success with Synopsys' DesignWare ARC ...

August 24, 2016 - Silicon-Proven ARC EM Processor Enables Ultra-Low Power Wireless Module for Industrial IoT Applications

Synopsys’ Next-Generation ARC Embedded Vision Processors Boost Performance up...

June 01, 2016 - DesignWare EV6x Family Integrates Scalar, Vector Processors and a Convolution Neural Network Engine for High Accuracy Vision Processing