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The Good? The Bad? The Ugly? IP Perspectives from Vendor to SoC Integrator

This paper explores the perspectives of three such players and their approach to working with mixed-signal IP. After taking in each perspective, life with IP might be a little easier for everyone.

The Impact of AI on Autonomous Vehicles

One of the key enablers of vehicle autonomy moving forward will be the application of AI techniques, particularly those based upon deep-learning algorithms implemented on multi-layer CNNs. These ...

The Impact of AI on Autonomous Vehicles

June 18, 2018 - Learn how automotive OEMs and chip designers can leverage AI, deep learning, and CNNs to accelerate development times, increase power efficiency, detect multiple objects, enable faster response ...

The New CXL Standard

September 24, 2019 - Gary Ruggles, senior staff product marketing manager at Synopsys, talks with Semiconductor Engineering about the Compute Express Link standard, why it’s important for high bandwidth in AI/ML ...

The New Frontier of Die-to-Die Interface IP: What You Need to Know for ...

June 16, 2020 - In this webinar our SVP, John Koeter, summarizes the market trends and die-to-die use cases for high-performance computing (HPC) SoC designs.

The Power of Integrating Bluetooth Low Energy Into SoCs

This white paper explains the architectural and design aspects of successful BLE integration into SoCs, and presents how power consumption is properly measured in different representative scenarios.

The Rise of Semiconductor IP Subsystems: What is the Value to Silicon ...

This whitepaper discusses how using IP subsystems reduces the effort of creating highly complex SoC designs and will represent the future of the SoC development

The Top 5 Things You Need to Know When Implementing USB Type-C In Your Next ...

January 30, 2019 - Join Morten Christiansen as he discusses what you should consider before implementing USB Type-C in your SoC design.

Think Silicon and Synopsys: Partnering for Success

November 05, 2017 - Think Silicon provides high-performance, low-power graphics IP technology for cost sensitive / battery-powered products.