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How System-Level Trade-offs Drive Data Converter Decisions

System architects must make good system-level choices to get the best results from the analog signal-conversion IP — a crucial factor in gaining a competitive edge in any market.

A Survival Guide for Selecting High-Quality IP

In this paper we will explore three important determinants of IP quality.

Embedded DDR Interfaces: Ten Tips to Success for Your SoC

This paper presents ten guiding principles for embedded DDR interfaces, many of which the DRAM standards and vendor data sheets do not explain.

Enabling Portable, Low Power HDMI-Based Designs with Interface IP

The latest HDMI 1.4 specification makes new provisions to penetrate into the mobile consumer electronics market and incorporates an Ethernet Channel into the HDMI cable, avoiding the need for a ...

Coding Guidelines for Datapath Synthesis

This document summarizes coding guidelines addressing the synthesis of datapaths.

Meeting Timing Budgets for DDR Memory Interfaces

This paper provides a brief discussion of DDR source-synchronous timing concepts and describes five different timing domains.

IP Solutions for Synchronizing Signals that Cross Clock Domains

This paper explains the many types of synchronization issues that occur when clocks and data signals cross from one clock domain to another.

How a Complete IP Solution Speeds Time-to-Market and Reduces Risk for 10 ...

This paper discusses the merits of IP for the growing 10G Ethernet market and introduces Synopsys’ complete DesignWare® 10G Ethernet IP solution in the context of the technology and the target ...

Agere/Synopsys: Integrating a PCI Express Digital IP Core into a Gigabit ...

This paper discusses the integration and system verification challenges encountered when integrating a PCI Express digital intellectual property (IP) core into a Gigabit Ethernet design.

The Good? The Bad? The Ugly? IP Perspectives from Vendor to SoC Integrator

This paper explores the perspectives of three such players and their approach to working with mixed-signal IP. After taking in each perspective, life with IP might be a little easier for everyone.